Rochester Carburetors


Rochester carburetors were primarily used as original equipment carburetors on Chevy and GM cars and trucks. Rochester carburetor applications spanned the range of engine sizes offered by GM. The carburetors had multiple designs ranging from the Rochester Mono-jet carburetor, to the dual jet Rochester carburetor, to the most popular Rochester quadra-jet carburetor. Over time, the Rochester carburetors evolved from basis mechanical units to carburetors that were electronically controlled by the vehicles on board computer systems. The main difference between Rochester carburetors used on the various GM product lines that include Chevy, Oldsmobile, Buick, Pontiac Cadillac and GMC is the throttle linkage configuration. For the most part, the linkage differs by product line. Rochester truck carburetors are usually different from car carburetors even if the engine size is the same. Rochester carburetors have numbers identifying numbers stamped into the body of the carburetor. They are either a eight digit number that starts with "17XXXXXX" or a seven digit number that starts with "7XXXXXX". Look for the number on the body of the carburetor. The carburetor may have similar numbers stamped on the base or top, the number on the body will more accurately identify the carburetor.

Original equipment Rochester carburetors are no longer available new. Remanufactured Rochester carburetors areavailable on this website for most applications. Parts for Rochester carburetors are available. You can purchase Rochester carburetor kits, floats, vacuum pull offs and chokes. The carburetor kit is not all inclusive as it does not include all of the parts you need to remanufacture your Rochester carburetor. The chokes, pull offs and floats must be purchased separately.

A common issue on Rochester remanufactured carburetors is wear on the throttle shafts that leads to either fuel or air leaks. This issue can be overcome by inserting bushings to that the play out of the throttle shafts creating a tight seal. This process requires special tapered drills. Always make sure that the bushings are being replaced when you buy a remanufactured Rochester carburetor.